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Young Global Leaders


In partnership with the world-leading Beijing Language and Culture University, our mission is to develop YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS through a summer program of language, learning and community service.

Objectives 目標:

  1. To provide a unique & dynamic program for overseas students

  2. To increase Chinese literacy through proficiency workshops

  3. To expose students to specific topical subjects

  4. To broaden students’ global perspective through community service

The program will mainly focus on the following four areas:

Language - Public speaking, debate, drama, oral & written assessments

Community Service - On & Off campus opportunities, hospice visits, social immersion

Excursions & Sports - Teacher-guided tours reinforced with in-class lectures, movies, projects

Culture & Topical Subject - Architecture, Chinese history, ancient arts & crafts

Individual Enrolments – Our two-week program is normally scheduled for mid-July and sign-ups are available in November of the previous year.

School Programs – Customized programs for schools can also be arranged anytime in the year. Please contact us directly for enquiries.

Find out more from our Facebook Page and testimonials.

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