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Mission Runway

Mission Runway is a dynamic program that combines textiles, design and presentation all in one. Not only will students gain knowledge of how to conceptualize their creativity, but they will also learn textile basics in order to construct a collection of outfits and accessories to be presented in the final fashion show - at the end of each term, students will showcase their masterpieces in a runway show!

Our mission is to:

  • Develop students' sense of fashion and design

  • Help children formulate their creativity into reality

  • Encourage children to perform, organize and sharpen their presentation skills

In this course, children will be able to conceptualize their design ideas into real wearable pieces. They will go through the processes of keeping a work diary, doing research for the garments, understanding the color theory, creating mood boards, and constructing their final project. Once done, the students will also have to present their masterpieces to the class.

This is an invaluable course for children to see something transform from an idea to fruition and to be able to present their thoughts in the process.

For more information, please refer to our relevant web pages or contact us at 3480-4199 or

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