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Where To Buy Bindi Jewelry

My go to jeweler in Southern California. They have been there for me for every purchase I have needed. The team here is focused on finding the right product for their clients versus just selling their highest priced items. They all take the time to understand what I am looking for and how their products fit their needs. Bindhi Jewelers will continue to be my destination for all my jewelry and watch needs.

where to buy bindi jewelry


Mita helped us pick jewelry for our grandbaby. She was very helpful and understood what we like and did not try to push anything on us. She was very customer oriented and friendly. I would highly recommend her and Bhindi jewelers.

Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning, as soap can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and dingy. By preventing the formation of this film you immediately reduce the occasions of servicing. Polish gold with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. Use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches because of fibres in these products.

Gold jewelry provides an unparalleled level of warmth, boldness, and glamor. This precious metal has been recognized for its beauty for millennia and it has been the backbone for many economies. We at Bhindi Jewelers offer a wide range of options for gold jewelry with many extraordinary pieces on display in our Artesia, San Francisco and Decatur showrooms. Our 22k gold stud earrings exhibit effortless beauty and luxury. Their intricate metal work is truly breathtaking. Designer necklaces at Bhindi are wrought in flawless gold and decorated with ornate designs. Through colorful accents and bold features, they make a great statement piece.

We offer several selections of gold jewelry of which the fashion rings are most popular. Our 22k gold fashion rings have an unequaled pure and refined luxurious look. With elaborate milgrain designs made of lustrous gold, these pieces are truly eye-catching. Our gemstone rings feature bold, richly colored gemstones set in enchanting and mesmerizing patterns. Lovers of the regal and daring will appreciate these magnificent rings. We also are proud to provide bracelets, including these antique-inspired bracelets with gorgeous designs. They, like almost all of our jewelry, are available in 22k gold for an exceptional level of luxury.

Bindi are reusable body stickers that are used as jewelry. Think Bollywood fun here! The original adhesive on a bindi sticker typically lasts 1-3 wears. After the adhesive wears off, use a little eyelash glue or even a glue stick to re-stick your bindi jewelry.

Traditionally people think of bindis as being worn on the forehead, but indian bindi can be worn anywhere! I love to wear bindi on the chest as a floating necklace and at the corner of the eyes. Try putting a large curvy crystal bindi along your cheekbone or just under your belly button. Long thin bindis look great on the back of high heel shoes! The point is that you can wear bindi ANYWHERE! Not only can you wear bindi body stickers anywhere, ANYONE can wear bindi. It doesn't matter your culture, religion, background, skin color, or language, bindi can be embraced by you! Belly dancers and tribal dancers wear bindi and so do suburban moms and urban hipsters. Grandmothers wear fashion bindi and so do high school girls. Make your bindi fashion statement!

When worn on the forehead, bindi face gems can be a great way to get in touch with your inner eye or 6th chakra. Bindi worn in the third eye position is said to help with focus and relating to others. Try a simple bindi here or a fancy "be noticed" crystal bindi, depending on your mood.

Traditionally, a single red dot on the forehead symbolizes marriage and a black dot can be worn by a woman single who is available for marriage. Most bindi self-adhesive jewels, however, are worn for fashion. So have fun with it Bollywood style! It's the ultimate Indian jewelry!

A bindi is a bright dot of some colour applied in the centre of the forehead close to the eyebrows or in the middle of the forehead, worn in the Indian subcontinent (particularly amongst Hindus in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka)[3] and Southeast Asia among Balinese, Filipino, Javanese, Sundanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, and Burmese Hindus. A similar marking is also worn by babies and children in China and, as in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, represents the opening of the third eye.[4] Bindi in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism is associated with ajna chakra, and Bindu[5] is known as the third eye chakra. Bindu is the point or dot around which the mandala is created, representing the universe.[6][7] The bindi has a historical and cultural presence in the region of Greater India.[8][9]

Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom". The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.[10] The bindi also represents the third eye.[11] The Nasadiya Sukta of the Rig Veda, the earliest known Sanskrit text, mentions the word Bindu.[12]

A traditional bindi is red or maroon in colour. A pinch of vermilion powder is applied with a ring-finger to make a dot. A small annular disc aids application for beginners. First, a sticky wax paste is applied through the empty centre of the disc. This is then covered with kumkum or vermilion and then the disc is removed to get a round bindi. Various materials such as lac, sandal, 'aguru', mica, 'kasturi', kumkum (made of red turmeric) and sindoor color the dot. Saffron ground together with 'kusumba' flower can also work.[17] Traditionally they are green in color with a red dot in the middle.[18] The bindi is no longer restricted in color or shape.[19][20]

Historically, the ornamental bindi spangle consists of a small piece of lac over which is smeared vermilion, while above it a piece of mica or thin glass is fixed for ornament. Women wore large spangles set in gold with a border of jewels if they could afford it. The bindi was made and sold by lac workers known as Lakhera.[21] In Hinduism, it's part of the Suhāg or lucky trousseau at marriages and is affixed to the girl's forehead on her wedding and thereafter always worn.[20] Unmarried girls optionally wore small ornamental spangles on their foreheads. A widow was not allowed to wear bindi or any ornamentation associated with married women.[20] In modern times, self-adhesive bindis are available in various materials, usually made of felt or thin metal and adhesive on the other side. These are simple to apply, disposable substitutes for older lac tikli bindis. Sticker bindis come in many colours, designs, materials, and sizes.

There are different regional variations of the bindi. In Maharashtra a large crescent moon shaped bindi is worn with a smaller black dot underneath or above, associated with Chandrabindu and Bindu chakra represented by crescent moon, they are commonly known as Chandrakor in this region, outside Maharashtra they are popularly known as Marathi bindi. In Bengal region a large round red bindi is worn, brides in this region are often decorated with Alpana design on forehead and cheeks, along with bindi. In southern India a smaller red bindi is worn with a white tilak at the bottom, another common type is a red tilak shaped bindi. In Rajasthan the bindi is often worn round, long tilak shaped bindi are also common, as well as the crescent moon on some occasions. Decorative bindis have become popular among women in South Asia, regardless of religious background. Bindis are a staple and symbolic for women in the Indian subcontinent.[22]

In addition to the bindi, in India, a vermilion mark in the parting of the hair just above the forehead is worn by married women as commitment to long-life and well-being of their husbands. During all Hindu marriage ceremonies, the groom applies sindoor in the part in the bride's hair.[23]

In Southeast Asia, bindis are worn by the Balinese, Javanese, and Sundanese people of Indonesia. For example, bindis are often worn by brides and grooms in Java and other parts of Indonesia, regardless of their religious beliefs.

The Indonesian practice of wearing a bindi originated from the cultural influence brought about by the Indianized Hindu kingdoms that once ruled Indonesia. Historically, other Indianized kingdoms in Southeast Asia also took part in this practice.

Bindis are sometimes worn purely for decorative purpose or style statement without any religious or cultural affiliation.[26] Decorative and ornamental bindis were introduced to other parts of the world by immigrants from the Indian subcontinent.[27] International celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Julia Roberts,[28] Madonna,[29] Selena Gomez and many others have been seen wearing bindis.[30] The appropriateness of such uses has been disputed. Reacting to Gomez wearing a bindi while singing her song "Come and Get It", Hindu leader Rajan Zed said that the bindi has religious significance and should not be used as a fashion accessory,[31] but Indian actress Priyanka Chopra praised Gomez's choice as "an embrace of Indian culture".[32] Additionally, several rappers have adopted jewelled bindis, most notably Lil Uzi Vert, who debuted a $24 million pink diamond bindi in February 2021. They were inspired by Lil B who wore a diamond bindi in 2012.[33]

Bindis are part of Bangladeshi culture and women in Bangladesh, irrespective of their religion, adorn themselves with bindis as an ethnic practice.[34][35][36] In Pakistan, bindis are worn by some Muslim girls during Eid, though they are ordinarily worn by Hindu women in the Punjab and Sindh.[37]

Across the country, it's not uncommon to see women sporting a small dot on their foreheads between their eyebrows. The mark is known as a bindi. And it's a Hindu tradition that dates to the third and fourth centuries.

The bindi is traditionally worn by women for religious purposes or to indicate that they're married. But today the bindi has also become popular among women of all ages, as a beauty mark. And it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. 041b061a72


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