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Thanksgiving In The Wilderness By Kellie Powell Synopsis Pdf

Thanksgiving in the Wilderness by Kellie Powell Synopsis PDF

Thanksgiving in the Wilderness is a one-act play by Kellie Powell, a contemporary American playwright. The play is a serious comedy about love, sex, and settling for less in the modern world. It explores the themes of polyamory, betrayal, and self-worth through the experiences of four characters who spend Thanksgiving together in a cabin in the woods.

Plot Summary

The play begins with Emily, a young woman who has given up on finding Prince Charming, arriving at the cabin of her casual boyfriend, Matt. She is surprised and excited that he invited her to spend Thanksgiving with him, thinking that it means their relationship is becoming more serious. However, she soon discovers that Matt is also involved with two other women, who are also guests at the cabin: Jillian, a naive 19-year-old college student, and Claudia, a webcam model who gets naked on the internet for money. Emily is shocked and hurt by Matt's deception, but decides to stay and confront him.

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As the dinner progresses, the tension and awkwardness among the four characters increase. Emily tries to act cool and mature, but she is clearly jealous and insecure. Jillian is oblivious and cheerful, unaware that Matt is cheating on her with two other women. Claudia is cynical and sarcastic, mocking Matt's lack of commitment and honesty. Matt is defensive and manipulative, trying to justify his actions and keep everyone happy. He claims that he loves all three women equally, and that he is not doing anything wrong by being polyamorous.

The play reaches its climax when Emily reveals that she is pregnant with Matt's child. She tells him that she wants him to be a father to their baby, and that he has to choose between her and the other women. Matt is stunned and scared by this news, and tries to avoid making a decision. He asks Emily if she is sure that the baby is his, implying that she might have slept with someone else. He also suggests that she should get an abortion, saying that he is not ready to be a parent. Emily is outraged and hurt by his response, and realizes that he does not love her at all.

The play ends with Emily leaving the cabin, followed by Jillian and Claudia, who also decide to dump Matt after learning about his lies and cowardice. Matt is left alone in the cabin, facing the consequences of his actions.

PDF Download

If you are interested in reading the full script of Thanksgiving in the Wilderness by Kellie Powell, you can download it as a PDF file from [this link]. The PDF file contains 32 pages of dialogue and stage directions for the play. You can also find more information about the play and its characters from [this website].


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