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The Weeknd - Often !!HOT!!

The Weeknd's new video for "Often," a one-off single he released earlier this summer, is as Weeknd-y as they come. The dimly lit clip finds the singer caged-up in a sleek hotel room and surrounded by beautiful women in various states of undress. He's singing about all the sex he has, and yet, the women go neglected; he's much more interested the view out the window than their company. Because often, often, girls, he does this often. Next month, Abel will set out on a four-date mini-tour with ScHoolboy Q and Jhené Aiko. Check out dates for that below, and watch the vaguely NSFW video up above.

The Weeknd - Often

He is talking about drugs. Ask how many times she rode the wave, "Not so often"- Wave is referring to the waves you feel when you take ecstasy, hence the phrase "I'm rolling". His god in his pocket is white, and what he is smoker is much louder are lyrics depicting that he is referring to an eclectic array of various drugs. He does them often.

She asked me if I do this every day, I said: OftenAsked how many times she rode the wave: Not so oftenBitches down to do it either way, oftenBaby, I can make that pussy rain, oftenOften, often, girl, I do this oftenMake that pussy pop and do it how I want itOften, often, girl, I do this oftenMake that pussy pop and do it how I want itOften 041b061a72

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