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Roman Wright
Roman Wright

Small Wonders - Life Portrait In Miniature Download !!TOP!!

Miniature quilts have grown in popularity and sophistication over the past several years. These quilts are made to scale as any size quilt would be; they are simply smaller in scale. As a general rule, to be considered a 'miniature quilt' a quilt must be no more than 24 inches on a side.

Small Wonders - Life Portrait in Miniature download

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The first reaction people have when they see these tiny wonders is "Oh, Wow!" Says National Quilt Museum founder Bill Schroeder, "No better words could describe this remarkable collection of miniature quilts. The more carefully you look at them, the more you will agree."

This presentation of the life of Sir Francis Drake in manuscripts, engraved portraits and views, maps, medals, and books, is intended to show him as he appeared to his contemporaries , both his own countrymen and his Spanish antagonists. Most of the documentation is from his own lifetime, the balance being from the period shortly after his death when some of the most detailed narratives of his campaigns and raids appeared. All this material is from the author's own collection, assembled over a period of many years and reflecting his keen interest in the almost incredibly adventurous life of this warrior, who dominated the world's seas for about twenty years as no single person has ever done before or after.

This was, in part, our motivation for launching the first BMC Ecology image competition in July 2012 [2]. By opening up a perspective on the science of ecology to every researcher on the planet, we hoped to capture a grand perspective of life on earth, its interconnectedness, and its wonder. We hope that, in some small part, we approximated this last year, and we hope to have built on this again.


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