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Real Football APK Home: The Latest Updates and News from the Developers

Real Football Apk Home: A Review of the Best Soccer Game for Mobile Devices

If you are a soccer fan, you probably have heard of real football apk home, a mobile game that lets you experience soccer both on and off the pitch. Real football apk home is a game developed and published by Gameloft, a leading company in the mobile gaming industry. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play Store and has received positive ratings from users and critics alike. But what makes this game so special and appealing? In this article, we will review the features, tips, and reviews of real football apk home and help you decide if this is the game for you.

Features of Real Football Apk Home

Real football apk home is a game that offers a lot of features that make it stand out from other soccer games on mobile devices. Here are some of the main features that you can enjoy in this game:

real football apk home

  • 3D graphics: The game boasts of stunning 3D graphics that create an immersive and realistic atmosphere. You can play in 3D stadiums where polished shadows, detailed textures, and spectators all come together to provide an exciting experience. You can also switch between multiple camera views during cutscenes and set pieces for a richer broadcast and first-person sensation.

  • Realistic gameplay: The game simulates the real physics and mechanics of soccer, making it challenging and fun to play. You can control your players using any part of their bodies except their hands and arms, just like in real soccer. You can also use different skills, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, and heading, to outsmart your opponents. The game also features improved opponents and positioning, making them smarter and more responsive to your actions.

  • Team management: The game allows you to build your dream team by recruiting star players through the lottery. You can also enhance your players' abilities by acquiring skill items through the lottery and matches. You can upgrade your team facilities, such as stadiums, hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and youth camps, to improve your team's performance and morale. You can also customize your team's name, logo, jersey, formation, and tactics.

  • Online modes: The game offers various online modes that let you challenge other players from around the world. You can play in asynchronous PvP World Arena mode and climb the leaderboards by winning matches against other players. You can also join or create clubs with your friends and compete in club tournaments for rewards and glory.

Tips for Playing Real Football Apk Home

If you want to play real football apk home better, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Choose the right players: When building your team, you should consider the attributes and skills of each player. You should choose players that suit your preferred style of play and formation. For example, if you like to play fast and attacking soccer, you should choose players with high speed, dribbling, shooting, and passing attributes. If you like to play defensive and counter-attacking soccer, you should choose players with high tackling, heading, stamina, and strength attributes.

  • Use the right tactics: When playing matches, you should use the right tactics depending on the situation. You can change your tactics before or during the match by tapping on the tactics button on the screen. You can choose from different tactics, such as attacking, defensive, balanced, long ball, short pass, wing play, etc. You should also pay attention to your opponent's tactics and adjust yours accordingly.

Use skills wisely: When controlling your players on the pitch, you can use different skills to gain an advantage over your opponents. You can use skills by swiping on the screen in different directions or tapping on different buttons. Some of the skills that you can use are:




You can dribble past your opponents by swiping left or right on the screen. This skill is useful for creating space and avoiding tackles.


You can pass the ball to your teammates by tapping on them on the screen. This skill is useful for keeping possession and creating chances.


You can shoot the ball towards the goal by swiping up on the screen. You can adjust the power and direction of your shot by changing the length and angle of your swipe. This skill is useful for scoring goals and testing the goalkeeper.


You can tackle your opponents by tapping on them on the screen. This skill is useful for winning the ball and stopping attacks.


You can head the ball by tapping on it when it is in the air. This skill is useful for clearing the ball, passing, and scoring from crosses and corners.

You should use skills wisely and not spam them, as they consume stamina and can be countered by your opponents. Reviews of Real Football Apk Home

Real football apk home has received mostly positive reviews from users and critics who praised its graphics, gameplay, and features. Here are some of the reviews that you can find on Google Play Store and other websites:

  • "This game is awesome. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is smooth. I love the team management and online modes. It's like playing a real soccer game on my phone." - User review on Google Play Store

  • "Real football apk home is one of the best soccer games for mobile devices. It has everything you need to enjoy soccer, from 3D graphics to realistic physics to online modes. It's a must-have for soccer fans." - Critic review on Android Authority

  • "I like this game a lot, but it has some flaws. The game crashes sometimes and the ads are annoying. The game also needs more updates and content, such as new players, teams, leagues, and tournaments." - User review on Google Play Store

  • "Real football apk home is a good game, but not a great one. It has some nice features, such as team management and online modes, but it lacks depth and variety. The game also suffers from some technical issues, such as bugs, glitches, and lag." - Critic review on Pocket Gamer


Real football apk home is a game that offers a lot of fun and excitement for soccer fans who want to play soccer on their mobile devices. The game has stunning 3D graphics, realistic gameplay, team management, and online modes that make it a complete soccer experience. However, the game also has some drawbacks, such as technical issues, ads, and lack of updates and content. Overall, real football apk home is a game that you should try if you love soccer and want to play it anytime and anywhere.

If you are interested in downloading real football apk home, you can find it on Google Play Store or other websites that provide apk files. You can also visit the official website of Gameloft for more information about the game and other games that they offer.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about real football apk home:

  • How much space does real football apk home take?

Real football apk home takes about 600 MB of space on your device. You may need more space if you want to download additional data or updates.

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