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Stepan Artemyev

Hope Harper Daddys Monkey Business Part 1 And 2l

Armed with a law degree, she expanded the business into everything from cartoon T-shirts to Bobs signature illustrations. She was also well-familiar with the creative process, having previously worked with Bobs original business partners Walt and Annette Kowalski, learning how to work with their hands as she developed her own signature T-shirt line, with her logo emblazoned over lozenge-shaped notches in various Bob Ross-style rainbow designs. Now she had a license to use Bob Rosses art, handing him over to a different generation and opening another revenue stream for the Kowalskis, who in turn were happy to pay her for a thing of beauty.

Hope Harper Daddys Monkey Business Part 1 And 2l

But Joan wasnt the kind of opportunistic businessperson to accept that payday without a fight. Not only did she fight hard to hold on to a slice of Bob Rosses fame, but she made it a personal crusade to capitalize on Bobs legacy, buying back rights to his name, signature and art from several companies and, for good measure, sending a cease-and-desist letter to competitor Charley Harper asking to stop using Bobs name (Harper had started his own company, and soon after Bobs Journeyman drama was cancelled, Monkey noted that it had started to capitalize on Bobs image).

The Kowalskis, meanwhile, were happy to let her do the legwork, using the money to buy out multiple companies that had owned Bob Ross branding, like Charleys other company, Charley Harpers Art Company, whose ownership was also tied up in a lawsuit with Monkey. The Kowalskis and Joan had enough money at the time to buy those companies too, and most of the others besides, she said, so if there had been a pot of money at the end of Journeyman, they could easily have bought the companies and gained control of the Bob Ross brand itself.


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