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Roman Wright
Roman Wright

Fuji Instax 100 Manual Pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

For me the biggest frustration with all instant cameras is the huge gap between products. You're either spending $40-$80 on an instax mini, $100 on an instax wide, $400 on a Mint TL70, or $600 on a Mint RF70. All the in-between models are handicapped in some way or the dreaded "digital to instant printer" type that I find incredibly scammy.

Fuji Instax 100 Manual Pdf

Looks like a reasonable price for the product. On a tangent, really, instax mini is too small a format for a print. Maybe some kids like it that way, but for me instax square is the minimum baseline for a snapshot..

i never got such a result with instax, and i wonder why - is it a paper/film quality, or is that because my lomo instax cameras have plastic lens (actually my lomo instant magellan glass has glass lens) or lack ability to nail the focus?

The Diana Instant Square will use the same straight-forward, manual zone focussing System as the original Diana F+ Camera. The standard 75 mm lens has three focusing settings: 1 - 2 m, 2 - 4 m, 4 m - infinity.


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