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Blood Brothers: The 1978 Film that Launched Richard Gere's Career - Download it Now in Blu-ray Torrent

This was the Coen Brothers first movie and I think it might rank second-best to more-famous "Fargo."This is suspenseful neo-noir (modern-day film noir) filled with fun direction by the Coens: low camera angles, closeups, concentration of sounds such as the whirring of an overhead fan, some dramatic pauses, strange characters and even stranger events taking place. The only thing missing I'd like to have is 5.1 surround sound.Warning: some bloody scenes in here are downright gross, but they sure produce some memorable scenes. Character-wise, Dan Hedeya proves to be the toughest man to kill I've ever seen in a movie! Frances McDormand is young and looks pretty, the best I've ever seen her look. John Getz's character is strange and sometimes to frustrating to watch and Emmet Walsh is outstanding at playing the sleazy private detective. Those four, along with Samm-Art Williams, comprise almost all the speaking parts in this film.This is an involving movie. Once started, you're hooked on this strange story. I wish the Coens would have made more movies like this.

Blood Brothers movie download in blu-ray torrent

Stylistically speaking, this was a good movie--with a nice somber mood, excellent acting (except for M. Emmett Walsh--who just seemed too over the top). However, there were just too many plot devices that just didn't make a lot of sense--in other words, plot twists that were interesting but were too unrealistic to make the movie more engaging. Some examples: 1. Dan Hedaya is shot in the chest and he appears dead. He's been bleeding out for what appears to be at least a couple hours. He is found by the male lead and is dragged off to a rural spot to be buried. However, just before he is buried, he starts crawling away with amazing speed and power for a man who appears to have lost at least a gallon of blood AND who has been untreated for quite some time.2. Walsh kills Hedaya. Fine--this double-cross makes sense. But, to then try to kill the wife and her lover doesn't make that much sense--especially when this scruffy guy suddenly shows that he is an excellent marksman! Then, after snuffing the lover, the ending is exciting but way too unbelievable for words.SO, my review is an anomaly. Most reviewers liked it a lot. I just thought it was okay and the Coens have done much better films--such as their comedies. And, for a drama, I think Miller's Crossing is a MUCH better film.

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