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Buy Eye Contacts Online !!HOT!!

Reviews: Reviewers are v satisfied with the wide range of options they get at LensCrafters. Many say the customer service in brick-and-mortar stores is top-notch, but a few complain that online customer service is lacking.

buy eye contacts online

Also, some people are allergic to the contact cleaning solution, or even the contacts themselves. As daily cleaning of contact lenses is crucial to eye health for contact wearers, an allergy to the cleaning solution poses a very real issue.

Brown is the most common natural eye color. Even so, some like to enhance their brown eye look with the help of colored contact lenses. And we have some beautiful brown options! For a warm, sweet brown, take a look at the EyeCandys Libre Beige contacts, which provide a larger eye look. To add a bright shimmer to your eyes, try on a pair of EyeCandys Pink Label Attitude Brown contact lenses. Pink Label Shade Brown lenses offer a toffee brightness that really help your eyes pop - in any makeup look. And our Pink Label Aida Brown lenses feature rich, chocolate tones that accent your own.

Eyecandys is a long-term online retailer of colored contact lenses, and carries an extensive range of high-quality lenses in various colors and styles. Since their launch in 2008, they have sold over 1 million pairs of contact lenses and served over 120,000 happy customers. Apart from their growing online community, they have also been a trusted partner of several opticians and physical optical businesses for years. The retailer is committed to providing its customers with exemplary service, and currently offers 24-hour shipping and a 30-day guarantee for several brands that they carry.

You know how there are sites which sell repackaged shampoo or fake designer bags. Did you know that the same exists with contacts? Make sure to go to a reputable site online. Some sites have repackaged lenses, have given the wrong lens or even counterfeit lenses. Some have even switched to a different/lower quality version of the one your doctor prescribed. If you purchase online vs through your eye doctor, you will need to be diligent in checking brand, manufacturer, power, base curve and expiration dates of the boxes you receive.

Before buying contact lenses from an online retailer, do some online research. Look at customer reviews, and visit the websites of organizations like the Better Business Bureau to see whether complaints have been filed against the retailer.

New York City ophthalmologist Dr. Michelle Rhee, president of the Eye and Contact Lens Association, cautions that some e-commerce sites might be selling contacts that are not approved by the FDA or that are counterfeit.

Save yourself from getting into rush hours and buy your contacts online. At WebEyeCare, we have been helping our customers to buy cheap contacts online while giving their eye comfort a priority. That's why we only sell the best contact lenses from top brands known for their quality and comfort. Let us help you order your contact lenses online in the right way!

The first thing to do when shopping for online contact lenses is to ensure you have a valid prescription, as there are different contact lens brands. You'll need to provide your prescription information when ordering, and it's important to ensure it's up to date. If you're unsure if your prescription is still valid, you can always call your eye doctor to check.

When you order contact lenses online, many types of contacts are available, so it's important to find the one prescribed by your doctor. Not only that, but there are many different options, so you want to make sure you select the one that's best for your needs by discussing it with your doctor. However, to buy cheap contact lenses online, check for discounted contact lenses so that you may get the best possible deal at an affordable price.

  • The best option for each individual may vary depending on their specific vision, needs and lifestyle. However, some general considerations are as follows; How severe your vision impairment is. If you have poor vision, contacts may provide better vision than glasses.

  • How often do you need to wear corrective lenses? If you only need to wear lenses occasionally, glasses may be more convenient.

  • Your lifestyle and activities. Contacts may be better if you play sports or have a job requiring physical activity.

No, contact lenses are not painful. They are often quite comfortable to wear. There may be a bit of initial discomfort when first putting in contacts, but this typically goes away within a few minutes. There are also a variety of contact lenses available that are designed for people with sensitive eyes.

No, you cannot swim with contacts in. Water can cause your contacts to become dirty or lost. There is also a risk of bacteria and other microorganisms getting trapped underneath the contact lens, which can lead to an eye infection (corneal ulcer). If you must swim with contacts, wear goggles, remove your contacts as soon as you are done swimming, and thoroughly clean and disinfect your lenses afterward.

Yes, you can sleep with contacts, but it's not recommended. It can lead to corneal ulcers and open sores in the eye. Moreover, it can dry out your eyes. When you sleep, your eyes do not blink as often as when awake. This lack of blinking can lead to dryness and irritation. So, while you can technically sleep with contacts, it's not the safest option.

Usually, it depends on the country in which you are living. For example, a valid prescription is required to purchase contact lenses from an online retailer in the United States. However, in other countries, such as Canada, it is unnecessary to have a prescription to buy contacts from an online store.

If you wear contacts regularly, it is recommended that you take them out for at least one week every four to six months to give your eyes a break. If you don't wear contacts often, you will probably be fine with taking them out for one week every six to eight months.

Yes, you can buy contact lenses online, but you'll need a valid prescription from an eye care professional. One way is to order them through an online retailer. Another way is to order them through your eye care provider. And finally, you can order them through a lens manufacturer.

If you're starting to wear contacts, it's important to follow the recommended wearing schedule set forth by your eye care professional. For most people, that means wearing contacts for no more than eight hours per day during the initial period. Afterward, you can gradually increase the time you wear them until you reach the maximum recommended wearing time.

Unlike other contact lens retailers, we've cut out the middleman and buy contact lenses directly from the manufacturer. This means we can keep our prices down and you will never have to overspend on these medical devices! Hooray! We stock all types, including your favourite brands like Acuvue, Dailies, FreshLook colored contacts for events like Halloween, and much more, for the best prices around. Plus, toric contacts for astigmatism, multifocal contacts for presbyopia, and contacts for dry eyes.

Ah, we love questions! From checking your prescription to discussing any last-minute worries: our award-winning team of friendly, knowledgeable experts is here to help. Yes, they're all actual humans! You can reach them by phone (020 7768 5000), email ( and live chat. Our online Eye Care Centre is also packed with handy how-to guides to help make life with your contacts a breeze. Plus, you can visit our FAQ page, which covers everything from payment methods and to promotional codes.

We operate in line with Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), giving you the right to request your Rx from your eye doctor, and purchase your lenses with us. In the US, you should receive a copy of your prescription for contact lenses when completing an eye exam - making you the master of your eye destiny and saving yourself a lot of time and money by buying your contacts online for less.

You can find your prescription on your contact lens box, usually printed on the side or on the back, giving you all the information you need to order contact lenses with us. Always make sure to use a non-expired prescription. If it's the first time you actually get access to it and find all the variables confusing, we've put together a guide to understanding your contact lens prescription. Plus: our amazing customer service is available by phone (020 7768 5000), email ( and online chat.

As long as you are happy that your current prescription is correct, you can buy contact lenses online without a prescription from We know some people are reluctant to provide their Optician's contact information because they don't want their Optician to know they're ordering their lenses for a cheaper price online.

We make it easy! Once you find your box, decide on a 3-month, 6-month or annual supply. Note: It is important to always follow the prescribed wearing schedule for your contacts. Wearing lenses for longer periods of time than prescribed can be hazardous.

Anyone with a current, valid prescription can order online - whether you know it or not! That typically means you had an eye exam less than a year ago. We verify every prescription, and then your order ships!

For online orders, we do not accept vision insurance as payment for orders. We provide a receipt which can be submitted to your insurance company as an Out-of-Network purchase. Make sure you consult with your insurance provider before you place your order to determine whether they reimburse or have limits for out-of-network purchases. 041b061a72


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