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2020 Mercedes-Benz X Class Pickup Design [Add-O...

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck adds a new Black package to its roster for 2020. First reported by MBPassion, the optional package is set to arrive in March 2020 and is limited to X350d 4Matic models in either the Progressive Edition or Power Edition trims.

2020 Mercedes-Benz X Class Pickup Design [Add-O...

The Mercedes X-Class pushes the boundaries of what's possible from a classic mid-sized pick-up. It bends ruggedness and practicality with the typical Mercedes-Benz characteristics of driving dynamics, comfort, design, safety and connectivity. If you can afford it and don't want your pick-up to lead too arduous a life, it's a tempting combination.BackgroundIn some ways, it's surprising that it's taken recedes this long to enter the pick-up segment. The company has, after all, been a competitive player in the van market for decades and it's long been established that van brands need to have a pick-up in their portfolios. Perhaps Stuttgart was waiting until it had just the right design to base its contender on. That arrived with the launch of the Nissan NP300 Navara in 2015, a pick-up featuring coil sprung suspension that revolutionised what was possible in terms of on-tarmac handling from a vehicle of this kind. The Mercedes X-Class takes that engineering, then adds a bit of extra Mercedes class to it. The result is a very complete contender.

Mercedes vans hope that the Mercedes X-Class manages the fine balance between being both tough and stylish. A Doublecab bodystyle is the only one being offered, the design featuring a long 3150mm wheelbase, a short cladded front overhang, a backward-shifted passenger compartment and a very long rear overhang. The design of the side windows with their dynamic kink along the beltline is distinctive, while widely flared wheel arches that house 17, 18 or 19-inch rims aim to give this pickup a powerful on-road presence. Predictably, the front borrows from the looks of the brand's SUVs, with a centrally positioned star, a twin-louvre radiator grille, a high and powerfully honed bonnet and headlamps extending far into the wings.

Prices start at around 27,500 ex VAT. Three model variants are being offered to suit different lifestyles and work environments. The Mercedes X-Class 'Pure' basic variant is intended for rugged, functional use. The Mercedes X-Class 'Progressive' is aimed at people seeking a rugged pickup with extra styling and comfort. Finally, the Mercedes X-Class 'Power' is the high-end design and equipment line.

In terms of width, the load bed is designed in such a way that a Euro-pallet can be loaded straight between the wheel arches. The load bed length is 1,587mm, the load bed width is 1,560mm and the load bed height is 474mm. The maximum payload capacity is 1,042kg. The Mercedes X-Class is the only mid-size pickup to be equipped with lighting in the cargo area as standard. The third brake light contains LED lights which illuminate the whole load bed. Operation is by a switch in the centre console. As soon as the ignition is switched on, those lights turn off automatically. A 12-volt socket to power additional equipment such as compressors, for example, is also part of the standard equipment in the load bed.

similar to a smartphone, all telematics functions can be controlled with the touchpad by using gestures or by entering letters and characters. mercedes-benz thus introduces the most modern control and display concept in the segment of mid-size pickups. at the same time, the characteristics and functionalities typical in the pickup segment have been retained, such as the handbrake in the centre console.

The rendering retains the G63's front end but obviously changes the design from the front doors and back. Even the rear window manages to retain its original shape and the artist has decided to leave in the side-opening barn door style tailgate. We would prefer to see the spare tire stay on the tailgate rather than take up space in the bed but aside from this minor detail, the rendering looks pretty spot on. With single cab truck sales waning in the US, this G63 pickup seems like little more than a pipe dream. 041b061a72


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