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Jolly Phonics Teacher'S Book PDF

Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book PDF

Jolly Phonics is a multisensory program that teaches young students the skills they need to read and write fluently in their first year of school. The program covers the English alphabetic code, which expresses the relationship between the sounds that can be heard in words and the letters that are used to represent those sounds. Jolly Phonics teaches five key skills: learning the letter sounds, learning letter formation, blending, identifying the sounds in words, and tricky words.

The Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book is an essential guide to using Student Books 1, 2 and 3 in the classroom. It is a comprehensive resource, offering a set of structured lesson plans that give step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the lesson, including the student book activities. It also provides an in-depth introduction to Jolly Phonics and a summary of key points to help teachers get started.


The Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book is available in print and digital formats. The print version is a black and white edition that can be purchased from various online retailers or directly from the Jolly Learning website. The digital version is a full-color edition that can be downloaded as a PDF file from the Jolly Learning website. The digital version also includes audio files for each letter sound and word list, as well as printable resources such as flashcards, posters, and assessment sheets.

The Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book is a valuable tool for teachers who want to teach the program alongside the Jolly Phonics Student Books. It offers a systematic and effective approach to teaching reading and writing skills in a fun and engaging way. The Jolly Phonics Teacher's Book is suitable for whole-school, whole-class teaching but it also works well with individual children.

To see the full range of Jolly Phonics products, visit the Jolly Learning website.


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