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Watch Blood Diamond with 720p Brrip Subtitles: Tips and Tricks

the production values are consistent with the title's pedigree, but warner's seemingly haphazard presentation of its film in hd dvd and blu-ray formats is confounding. the disc that contains the movie's north american release, for example, includes a half-dozen trailers for the studio's other upcoming releases, while the blu-ray edition contains a full-length commentary track, but no hd dvd counterpart. after watching both formats, the decision is pretty easy: the blu-ray wins out hands down, because it contains a better selection of extras (though it's interesting to note that the first act of 'blood diamond' is being included on both formats).

blood diamond 720p brrip subtitles definition

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in many ways 'blood diamond' is like 'the departed', except that the latter is a superior movie. whereas 'the departed' is a first-rate thriller that allows its makers room to breathe and improvise, 'blood diamond' is a straight-ahead, exciting, and 'on-the-mark' action flick, which means that the makers of the former title had the luxury of being a little less restrictive in their approach. this is not to say that 'the departed' isn't a good film, but 'blood diamond' is the superior movie in every way.

the director is one of the most commercially successful arthouse filmmakers in the world today. the question is, how long can he keep it up? 'blood diamond' is quite a bit more straightforward than 'the ides of march', but it doesn't seem to be so much more straightforward than 'the constant gardener' or 'syriana'. this is one of the problems that has plagued his films for the past decade. the appeal of all his films is that they are a reminder that there are, in fact, well-made movies that are smart, sophisticated, and intelligent, but they are also, by nature, mainstream studio films. at one point in 'blood diamond', a character asks, "can we just for a moment think of ourselves as a normal country?" that's not an entirely inappropriate question. 'blood diamond' is a normal country movie that happens to have some cool special effects and an unusual plot. it's a return to the studio system for the director (who's been predominantly a feature film aficionado for the past decade) and a return to the kind of formula movies that he used to make in his early films, with varying degrees of success.


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