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Guy Lacour 28 Etudes Pdf 14

Guy Lacour 28 Etudes PDF 14 - A Review of the Saxophone Book

If you are looking for a book that can help you improve your saxophone skills, you might want to check out Guy Lacour's 28 Etudes PDF 14. This book is a collection of 28 etudes for saxophone, written by the French composer and saxophonist Guy Lacour. The etudes cover various aspects of saxophone technique, such as articulation, intonation, rhythm, dynamics, and expression. The book is suitable for intermediate to advanced saxophone players who want to challenge themselves and expand their musical vocabulary.

The book is divided into four parts, each containing seven etudes. The first part focuses on the major scales and their modes, the second part on the minor scales and their modes, the third part on the chromatic scale and its modes, and the fourth part on the whole tone scale and its modes. Each etude is based on a different scale or mode, and explores its harmonic and melodic possibilities. The etudes are not only exercises, but also musical pieces that can be performed in concerts or recitals.

Download File:

The book comes with a PDF file that contains the score of the etudes, as well as an audio file that contains the recordings of the etudes performed by Guy Lacour himself. The PDF file can be downloaded from [this link], or from [this link]. The audio file can be downloaded from [this link]. You can also find some videos of saxophonists playing the etudes on YouTube.

Guy Lacour 28 Etudes PDF 14 is a valuable resource for saxophone players who want to improve their technique and musicality. The book offers a variety of etudes that can help you master different scales and modes, and develop your own style and expression. The book is also a great way to discover the music of Guy Lacour, who is one of the most influential saxophone composers of the 20th century.


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