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[S3E1] The Wind Under The Door

He breaks down the door to the cage room and finds Sherry holding the gun on Cary. (He tried to shoot his way out of the cage against her advice, and the bullet ricocheted and hit her ear, understandably jacking up the spousal tension.)

[S3E1] The Wind Under the Door

Later that night at Pop and Cub's house, Pop reads the book to Cub as a bedtime story. As Pop reads the story, Cub seems to be getting more and more worried as Pop goes on. To make things worse, clouds begin to swirl over their house and it is raining dead birds. Seeing the "storm" outside, Pop closes the bedroom window, turns off Cub's bedroom light, and leaves. However, the story was so frightening that Cub remains sitting in his bed, scared stiff and eyes wide open. After a few seconds, a strange, green, ominous glow appears under the bed. As the frightened infant peeks under his bed to see what it is, an unseen force advances on Cub, followed by the screen abruptly cutting to black.

The sink doesn't work, so Clem will have to use the water bottle in her backpack to wash up. Once she gets a little less grimy, she'll knock the bottle under the door of a stall. Open the farthest door to pick it back up and continue the chapter.

All the doors and windows are locked, so don't waste your time trying to break in that way. Head up onto the porch and look through the window as Rebecca and Alvin quarrel. Once she leaves, tap on the window and talk to Alvin. If you play to his heartstrings and make him feel bad for not helping you, he'll go and get you a bandage.

After Luz and her companions manage to construct a working portal, she ties a rope around herself and tells Eda, King, and Hooty to pull if the portal closes. Luz dives into the door and finds herself in a new realm. She tries to use an ice glyph to access a floating cube, but it fails. She calls her companions names and a cube comes out of the liquid on the ground. Luz looks through it and sees the three from a reflection in a second floor window. After realizing she can use the cubes to communicate through reflections by saying people's names, she says her mothers name and a cube appears.

She sees her mother dancing in the kitchen and is shocked to see a doppelgänger of herself appear in the doorway. Luz panics and counts to five to calm down when a cube appears. She looks into it and sees the doppelgänger in the mirrored door of her closet. The doppelgänger screams and her mother asks what is wrong, Luz shouts back that she saw spoilers for her favorite anime as the doppelgänger jumps out the window and runs to the Old House.

In "Reaching Out", when Amity comes to the Owl House mentioning issues with her dad and wanting to compete in the Bonesborough Brawl instead of going to coven tryouts, Luz decides to help by encouraging Amity to compete in the brawl, seeing this as a perfect distraction for herself from an event with her mom that she's missing. Later, after receiving another reminder on her phone about the event, Luz decides to enter the brawl as well to further distract herself, telling Amity and her siblings that it would be a good way to help by eliminating more contestants so that Amity would have a better chance of winning. When Amity asks if she's alright, Luz tries brushing it off, saying that she wants to support her. Later, when the Abomaton returns from an errand Amity sent it on, Luz tries to stop it, only to accidentally set off an alarm it had in a panic. When Amity comes by and asks if she had touched it, Luz lies and says that she didn't, not wanting Amity to worry. Later, when Alador arrives and reveals that the alarm on the Abomaton had been set off, Luz starts acting nervous when Amity becomes worried upon finding out that she had lied to her and had been acting weird all day. Amity then runs off after getting upset at both her father and Luz, leading to Luz running after her. Upon finding her under the Grom tree, Amity vents to Luz about how much the brawl meant to her and how complicated it got when Luz entered, noting her strange behavior all day, with Luz feeling guilty about it all. When Amity asks if it has something to do with the human realm, Luz reveals that it's the anniversary of the day her dad died. Luz tries brushing it off, saying that it's no excuse for how she acted and that it happened a while ago. But upon seeing Amity's shock that she was hiding something so important, Luz, realizing how much trouble was caused by hiding it, breaks the façade. She tells Amity about how her dad would bring flowers for her and her mom on their birthdays, and that after he passed, she and her mom would pick flowers for each other instead, followed by visiting her dad's grave, and spending the day together. She then notes that it is the first year she's not with her mom, and admits to being jealous or needing a distraction when Amity mentioned the problems with her dad. After Luz apologizes, Amity attempts to console her, but they hear some screaming in the distance before she can do so. Amity starts running, and Luz, finding herself unable to move, tells Amity she'll catch up later. Before running off, Amity tells Luz that she'll help her pick some flowers and they can do something there, causing Luz to blush in response. Afterwards, Luz, now determined to stop a rampaging Warden Wrath, thanks Amity for listening and tells her that she looks forward to picking flowers with her. Later, Amity finds Luz on a cliff picking flowers. She asks her if she had found any good ones, to which she replies that she hasn't, and Amity attempts to conjure up some with a plant glyph drawn in the ground, which doesn't work. Luz explains to her that she needs to have something in mind, and draws a proper one on the ground, summoning much prettier flowers. Amity then forms a balloon with abomination goo, and Luz ties the flowers around the string, letting them fly away with the balloon in the wind. Amity wonders if they'll reach the Human Realm, and while Luz is doubtful, she remarks that it's something nice to think about.

In both "Agony of a Witch" and "Young Blood, Old Souls", Luz realized that Belos is extremely dangerous and up to no good from the moment she saw him for the first time. The two ultimately became archenemies and even face off each other after the former understood that he treated Lilith as a pawn to ensure Eda's capture and execution all along. Overpowered by her nemesis' might, Luz was forced to give the emperor the magic door to Human Realm in exchange of Eda, Lilith, and King's lives. Despite this, she managed to delay Belos' plans with the door by detonating it in his grasp before making haste to save her mentor, Lilith, and King, thus discovering that he's not invincible as everyone thinks. 041b061a72


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