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NOTE: EEOC investigators must take great care in situations involving both (a) the statutory rights of employees to be free from discrimination at work, and (b) the rights of employers under the First Amendment and RFRA. Although a resolution satisfactory to all may come from good faith on the part of the employer and employee through mutual efforts to reach a reasonable accommodation, on occasion the religious interests of the employer and employee may be in conflict. EEOC personnel should seek the advice of the EEOC Legal Counsel in such a situation, and on occasion the Legal Counsel may consult as needed with the U.S. Department of Justice.

While some employees believe that religion is intensely personal and private, others are open about sharing or outwardly expressing their religion. In addition, there are employees who may believe that they have a religious obligation to share their views and to try to persuade coworkers of the truth of their religious beliefs, i.e., to proselytize. Certain private employers, too, whether or not they are religious organizations, may wish to express their religious views and share their religion with their employees.[196] As noted above, however, some employees may perceive proselytizing or other religious expression as unwelcome based on their own religious beliefs and observances, or lack thereof. In an increasingly pluralistic society, the mix of divergent beliefs and practices can give rise to conflicts requiring employers to balance the rights of employers and employees who wish to express their religious beliefs with the rights of other employees to be free from religious harassment under the foregoing Title VII harassment standards.

In an effort to further expand the economic growth of Germany, Hitler wished to squire the city of Danzig, a free city, but was refused by the Polish government, eventually culminating in the outbreak of World War 2 on September 1, 1939 with his Third Reich forming the leading faction of the Axis. Hitler expanded his reign of terror across the globe before being defeated in 1945, or winning in the alternate timeline.

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One wonders whether Mr. Saunders has seriously engaged with what has been said and written about religious freedom in the last 300-odd years. His claims about the history and meaning of religious freedom are badly mistaken. 041b061a72


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